by Acres

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Jeff Richardson
Jeff Richardson thumbnail
Jeff Richardson Every album, every track of theirs is solid. If only we could scream out our confined thoughts to an apathetic world; can't you see! Doesn't anyone contemplate! It is there, all around you! You are just a dream of yourself! Think of others; especially our brothers of the animal kingdom; for what are you, yourself anyway?!
David Waterside
David Waterside thumbnail
David Waterside Something i would scream in the face of all the person i love . Favorite track: Something To Write Home About.
Joël Rooth
Joël Rooth thumbnail
Joël Rooth 'Treasures' is my favorite track! The hairs on my arms are standing up Favorite track: Treasures.
John Q.
John Q. thumbnail
John Q. This record hits right at home!
Andrew N.
Andrew N. thumbnail
Andrew N. Pretty chill EP, nice work on bringing back original old-fashioned screamo. Favorite track: Something To Write Home About.
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released June 21, 2012



all rights reserved


Acres Hampshire, UK

Sad songs for sad dudes.

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Track Name: Something To Write Home About
And I know that we're in trouble here
and that people had their doubts
they say that everyone, everywhere deserves someone dear
but I just have no faith in that
So I will bandage your wounds
I'll cover your hurt
take back what I said
things you did not deserve
but now three days later
and I've still had no word
no message or warning
of things you have learned

days turn to weeks
and I forget your face
I'm sorry my love
I lie here disgraced
so I'll do this for you
I need you to feel it
it will hurt but it will heal
how I wish you'd believe it
don't say goodbye
there's just no good to it
this space in my chest
I have nothing to fill it
and the feeling of sinking goes on
it goes on
until I reach your shore
there is nowhere I'd rather belong

And I remember it Andrew
that story you told
those words still ring inside my head
no they never, they never got old
I should tell you that the feeling never left me
when you showed me your scars
and we talked about the night you nearly died
I could see there was an absence of God
from the look in your eyes

Well it seems there is nothing I can do
no there is nothing I can do
reaching out to touch it
so desperate just to clutch it
my knuckles turn to white
and my blood begins to run to the floor

So where is your compassion dear?
do you have to hide it away?
is there nothing you have trapped deep inside?
like a bird in a cage
so desperate for you to set free
now I'm starting to wonder here
if your heart is so small
that if we kept on going in circles
it would shrink and it would fade
until there was nothing
no heart at all
Track Name: Treasures
And I would wrap
my arms around you
wherever you are
wherever you are
And I'd keep you
as safe as I could
put your heart in a box
and your thoughts in a book

not turn
stay straight
there's so much to relate

Tell me now how long do we have
you've been so very brave
you fought it throughout
now there's just one thing left to do now
have faith in our God
that there's a way out
(A way out)

There's a fork in the road
and I don't know where to turn
I look to the sky and hope to learn

But his words
they were just works of fiction
I wish I never read that book
and I know its such a contradiction
but my dear I'm telling the truth

Take back everything
you should have said
the promises
the promises
now there's nothing
no treasures left
just emptiness
just emptiness

It all came together
only for us to fall apart
I still hear your voice in mine
and I carry your heart in my heart
Track Name: A Menagerie
it all came
came to me when
sitting here writing
but where to begin
to tell of the story
of two lovers entwined
in hopelessness and tragedy
and a past they can't hide

constantly beset
by misfortune unimaginably
torn at by forces
with jealous eyes
and a menagerie
of lies and deception
their pursuit of perfection
is hounded by demons
and a fear of rejection
he took her hand
said to be strong
looked into her eyes
kissed her tears
and carried on
Track Name: Letters
I've given up writing you letters
stop telling me I am better off
I thought time would let me forget her
Well dear this time I've had enough
So go hide with your walls and your friends
I can see I can see through them all
For you I'd spill my blood on the concrete
But I fear you'd feel nothing at all

This is a battle
This is a war I am forced to fight
This is a battle
I just tried to do what I thought was right
This is a battle
This is a war

From here i can see the horizon
I'm pulling myself up from the depths
you don't think I see but I see you
I'm trying to reach out before I forget
You said to rise far above it
but I'm falling short falling way beneath
I'm tired and I'm truly disgusted
at such a lack of self belief

Take one last breath
and focus on the good
take one last breath
I'll be the man I should

I know that we've been misled
but these lights will guide you home
its not like when we first met
but I'd give you all I own

I've given up writing you letters
stop telling me I am better off
I thought time would make me forget her
Well dear this time I've had enough
So go hide with your walls and your friends
I can see I can see through them all
For you I'd spill my blood on the concrete
But I fear you'd feel nothing at all
Track Name: Remember Your Place Here
I refuse to
to let this burn out
to flicker and die
and turn to memory
I can't regret
when I grow old
there will be peace in our hearts if we hold this
close inside

And every night I spent
I spent alone
did I ever stand a chance?
when you wouldn't let me drown

When it fell through my hands
when it tore through my head
I would die just to know
if you're even alive
And remember me
remember your place here
as broken as I am
I am