by Acres

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DAVI DA GAMA SILVA the most perfect guitar sounds. great songs Favorite track: Peninsula.
goaliebob thumbnail
goaliebob gut wrenching and melodius with jangling guitar work Favorite track: Overburden.
Jill Veltmaat
Jill Veltmaat thumbnail
Jill Veltmaat Just absolutely great! The emotional singing in this song is so amazing! Favorite track: Peninsula.
Jim Payne
Jim Payne thumbnail
Jim Payne Just discovered Acres this evening; and I am very, very impressed. The perfect blend of softer, melodic music and vocals, mixed just right with more aggressive music and vocals. It creates a very powerful effect, these juxtapositions of mood and melody. Literally some of the very best music I've yet heard in this and related genres! Favorite track: Distant Hills.
André thumbnail
André So great!! Thanks for this great Song Favorite track: Overburden.
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released March 31, 2014

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Neil Kennedy at The Ranch Production House.
Artwork by Sam Hugh.



all rights reserved


Acres Hampshire, UK

Sad songs for sad dudes.

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Track Name: Overburden
I am your son
Silent for too long
Scared of what I've become
And knowing I'm not involved
Its all been too much
Its getting so hard to breathe
I let you take everything
But I will rebuild
Atop your shattered bones

I must be strong
Endeavour to carry on
Find purpose and right your wrongs
Get back to where I belong
But its all come undone

And you want me to hurt like you
Your attempts have failed
I will see this through
And everything has come to be
The choices you make
Are for eternity
Track Name: The Etesian Wind
Here I stand empty handed
With a view up high of everything
Never knowing where I came from or where I've been
A flash of light you're lost to me
Leave me in pieces with nothing for thought but the hearts of better men
Leave me here and I'll try to start again

I am not the one you want
What you are searching for lies in your heart
I am not the one you want
And all your promises will fall apart

Because your faith is just a front
Your faith is just a front
I wish that you'd see the truth, but the truth is that you can't
That your faith is just a front
Don't you try and turn away
Don't you dare forget my name

Here we stand empty handed
With a view up high of everything
Never knowing where we came from or where we've been
A flash of light and your lost to me
Track Name: Peninsula
We don't see things the same way
Now I had faith in you
And faith is everything
I had no need for angels
And asked no choir to sing

So wrap me up in secrets
(And) keep them like a curse
I know how hard you tried
But you only made it worse

We don't see things the same way
Track Name: Distant Hills
If this is what it feels like under my skin
Then I will steal your heart again
My dreams have died so very often
But not this time, please not this time
I promise I will never ask you again
If you'd only take my hand
You're a child and you're looking for someone
To fall in love, and fall apart
Don't go